Small Town Dads

In celebration of Father’s Day, here’s a list of small town dads.

Baby, I'm Home by [Lund, Tami]Chad Wessex and his girlfriend, Jenna Mackery, got into a huge fight the day he left and flew halfway around the world to take care of his dying grandfather.

Eight months later, he’s back and ready to make up.

When she said she had a “big surprise” for him, the last thing he expected was…a baby!








Chasing Dreams: A Small Town Single Dad Romance (Harper Family Series Book 1) by [Stopper, Nancy]He’s a single father. She’s a former ballerina. Can they risk getting involved when a little girl’s heart is at stake?

Isabella Harper lived in the spotlight until a career-ending injury drove her home to find a new dream. Tanner Ross is unwilling to risk his or his daughter’s heart by falling in love with someone destined to leave again. He had no plans to get involved… and then he met Izzy.

Then Izzy receives an offer she cannot refuse and Tanner’s hopes of building a future with someone are dashed. Will she stick around or will the draw of fame be too much to resist?







Hiring Their Manny Omega MM Non Shifter Alpha Omega Mpreg: A Mapleville Romance (Mapleville Omegas Book 6) by [Hart, Lorelei M., Heart, Ophelia]Happily married couple Ben and Levi have an amazing life–great careers, a loving dog, and a home they made their own in the little town of Mapleville. Then they receive the call that changes everything.

PhD Candidate Cory works hard to get further in his education than most omegas ever achieve when his academic life blows up.

Hiring their Manny Omega is a sweet with knotty heat MMM male pregnancy romance with true love, an adorable baby and another soon on the way, and a guaranteed HEA. It is set in the town of Mapleville and can be read as a standalone.







ORPHANED: Will she find her missing sister? (Elkridge Series) by [Kelley, Lyz]Grant never expected to be an insta-dad, but when Jenna and Kyle crash into his life his protective instincts kick in. He will do whatever it takes to keep them both safe, all while falling in love with Jenna and trying to convince her to marry him.











Echoes of the Past by [Blobel, Iris]When Connor Walsh, a business lawyer in London, receives news that his estranged father is terminally ill, he returns to Fermosa Bay, a little coastal town in Australia. With the memories of his childhood years tucked away in the back of his mind, he finds his father and kindergarten friends rallying around to remind him of the past. But he’s unprepared for the growing attraction he feels for Emily, and it doesn’t take long for Connor to feel regret that his life could have been so much different.









Daddy Defender (Omega Sector: Under Siege) by [Crouch, Janie]What a serious case of mistaken identity. Ashton Fitzgerald is no unassuming handyman but a highly trained sharpshooter intent on protecting Summer Worrall and her baby daughter. The Omega SWAT member has a debt to pay and he isn’t about to let Summer out of his sights.

For someone else has set their own sights on the lovely widow. Her unexpected relationship with Ashton has put Summer and her child straight into a madman’s line of fire. Suddenly a mission to make amends becomes Ashton’s quest to defend this little family with his very life.

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Future Risk (Pelican Bay Security Book 2) by [Matthews, Megan]Bennett hasn’t made his move, but that’s about to change.

Bennett Walker visits my bakery daily. His best friend is dating my best friend. There’s no getting rid of him now. A shared hello or a nod of the head is all that passes between us each morning as I pour his coffee. What I don’t know is that Bennett has a secret. A big one. And everyone’s secrets come out eventually.

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Kiss and Make Up (Bachelors of Buttermilk Falls Book 3) by [Neeley, Robyn]Perfume chemist Josh Stevens has spent years making a life for himself in New York City and climbing up the corporate ladder of Kiss and Makeup, a global cosmetics company.

Caitlin Reynolds needs a second chance. Sure, she’s done some questionable things in the past, but as the new owner of the Majestic Theater she is determined to turn her life around, contribute to the town’s livelihood, and prove to all of Buttermilk Falls that she’s more than the spoiled rich girl who got pregnant.

But are they destined for each other? A ghost who likes to roam the Majestic theater in a wedding dress and watch classic movies might be able to answer that.






Down in the Well (An Everyday Romance Series Book 1) by [Moulton, Lorri]One day I asked my grandfather what you do, when you love someone. He told me you listen to them. You listen with your ears and your heart…


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Given to Fly by [Montgomery, K.L.]Annelise’s family and church have taught her that getting married and having babies is her purpose in life. But when she battles infertility, her husband is unfaithful, and she falls in love with a single dad grieving the loss of his wife–she questions everything. Can she break her vows if it means saving herself?










Sometimes Money Ain't Enough by [Stacy-Deanne]When Raquel and Tobias meet, it’s like pouring gasoline on a flame, and sparks fly in all different directions.

After Raquel’s company, Hood Industries, leaves construction worker Tobias Criss unemployed, he swears to get revenge on Raquel and her brother. From the minute Raquel and Tobias meet, they feel an overwhelming attraction, but their misconceptions of each other threaten to keep them apart.

Raquel Hood has everything a woman could want; money, beauty, and an entire town under her command. But after meeting Tobias, Raquel realizes that sometimes money ain’t enough.

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Every Lasting Thing: A Second Chance Romance by [Tate, Caroline]On my one-year anniversary of being divorced, a torturous case of “afterfog” is still rearing its ugly head. The only way I’ve learned to cope is to lose myself in my dance studio, leaving my frustrations and anger on the dance floor.

That is, until James Peyton walks into my life. He’s the dad of one of my sweet five-year-old students, Maggie. And when I officially meet him on a random Friday afternoon, I feel a strong sense of normality return to my life.

With sparks flying between us, will I open up and trust again?

Will I learn to put my past where it belongs and let myself begin again?







Book CoverTo make ends meet, Celia, a single mother, takes a job as a nanny. Her new boss, Richard, is arrogant and infuriating—but he’s also incredibly attractive, and his rare flashes of charm melt Celia’s heart.

Richard has sworn off romance since his wife left him, but he isn’t prepared for his new nanny to turn his house into a home, and remind him of what he’s missing in life.

One passionate night brings them together … then threatens to tear them apart. Richard struggles to come to terms with his growing feelings, but Celia may not wait.








All That Glitters by [Krimmer, Tracy]A has-been country music star. A divorced dad from a small town. Almost a decade of bottled up passion…

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