Sports Romance

Love means saying you’re sorry, and proving it.

Sonny Black was the star quarterback in high school who couldn’t possibly be in love with the geekiest girl in school, Mandy Daws. He’d been seeing her under the guise of chemistry tutoring, but when his buddies found out there was a little more going on, he lied and said she was a slut, wrecking her life and earning her enduring hatred.

Eleven years later, Sonny is headed for the Super Bowl despite amazing bad luck that has earned him the nickname Sonny Black Cloud. When someone mentions that the bad luck must stem from someone he failed in the past, the first name that comes to mind is Mandy’s. He tracks her down at the small university where she teaches chemistry and tries to seduce, beg or win her forgiveness, and he needs it before the Super Bowl.

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Deep in the Pocket: A Football Romance (Stone Creek University Book 2) by [Davis, Lainey]Serena Sanders is determined to put her past behind her. She’s done with football and football players. She’s got her sights set on graduate school…and no jock is going to stand in her way of getting there.

All her plans come crashing down as Talon “The Claw” Kelly stumbles into her class. The quarterback for SCU is cocky and more interested in Serena’s assets than he is in working on their group project–until he finds out she’s still got her v-card.

What happens when Serena faces her growing feelings? What happens if Talon decides to get serious?







Buried Treasure (The Detroit Pirates Book 2) by [Redford, Jenny]Sydney Barton went to work one day to find her boss had embezzled millions of dollars from his clients, leaving her with no career and no future. Then Andy Mitchell showed up at her door. It was the job of the Detroit Pirates’ trainer to the players, but his heart was broken. Could Sydney and Andy put their trust in one another when it’s so hard for each of them to remember what that means?









Dylan (Wild Men Book 2) by [Belle, Melissa]A No Strings Attached Romance

We promised our weekend would be business only. So now I’m fake dating the woman I actually want in my bed. But I know I can’t possibly be feeling this attraction all on my own. Her eyes when she looks at me—they glow. I’m going to have to break down her walls, though.

And it’s not because I love to win. Or that I love a challenge. It’s not even about the dumb-ass pact we made. It’s because I LIKE HER.







Sexy Bad Daddy (Sexy Bad Series Book 2) by [Murphy, Misti, Lund, Tami]I’m Garrett Frost, the ‘Bad Boy of Professional Golf.’ A title I’ve well and truly earned and had no interest in changing, despite my unhappy sponsors.

Until I discovered I was a dad. And now that I have custody of my three-year-old daughter, it’s time to clean up my act.

Hiring a hot, single nanny probably wasn’t my best decision. But my daughter adores her and frankly, I like her too.

Maybe a little too much, according to the media and my sponsors. Oh hell, this could ruin my game.







Abandoned Love: A BWWM Sports Romance (Love Sick Series Book 2) by [Michelle, Sydney Aaliyah]He has a dream, and she has a plan, but will they abandon them both for love? If you like a sexy country boy with manners, a hero who helps his heroine save herself, and a story you can’t ABANDON until the HEA, you’ll love Sydney Aaliyah Michelle’s latest BWWM romance.









Chances Are... (The Chances Book 1) by [Wooden-Carlisle, Traci]It took a 15-second play to bring his career to a halt for the season.
It only took one second for her to bring his heart to a stop.

It could be a match made in heaven if she wasn’t forced to keep his grandmother’s true health a secret or if his foundation hadn’t failed to help her family in their most desperate time of need.

Will hard feelings and a heartbreaking secret sideline this budding romance?






Love Will Find You (Australian Sports Star Series Book 1) by [Blobel, Iris]Can their new love survive the scrutiny of the public eye?

After his father’s heart attack, Australian Football League player Tyson Gaspaldi takes his parents on holiday to a small place at the New South Wales coast.One morning, following a surfing session, he comes across a crying woman on the beach. Everything about her intrigues him, and he can’t walk away. She’s not only sexy and humble, but, as he soon finds out, vulnerable as well.

It’s only been a few months since Katie Cassidy lost her sister in a car accident. Still overwhelmed by the loss, a chance encounter on the beach with an attractive stranger awakens unexpected emotions inside her. She’s instantly drawn to his caring nature, but also his looks.

However, Tyson’s past quickly catches up with them, causing Katie’s childhood demons to return, and the road to romance becomes anything but smooth.





Bad Traveler by [Karns, Lola]When Gwendolyn Jones and her baby move to her old college town to open a bakery, she comes face to face with the dishy new basketball coach and old classmate Kyle Collins, aka the one who got away. Will her new and improved recipe for love work this time? Or will secrets from their pasts make this an oven oops?

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Penalized: A Sports, Secret Baby Romance by [Edwards, Robin]Losing the Big “V” was nothing Emily regretted; it was long overdue and this guy had it all. If only she remembered to get his name….

If only she remembered that one time is all it takes…

No going back though, first she needs to find out who he is, after that she can figure out how he wants to fit into her life.

Meanwhile, Aiden Beckett can’t get his last score out of his head. The last girl got to him in a way that all the others hadn’t. It’s starting to affect his game…

If only he would’ve broken his rule and given her his number…





Fight Twice for Me (Two Stepbrothers Are Better Than One) (Fight For Me) by [Wylde, C.C.]Charlotte Storm writing as CC Wylde

The last place I wanted to be is at my ex’s MMA club, especially since I’ve sworn off fighters.

But I never anticipated meeting the De La Cruz twins. And damn, is there anyone who could resist a chance at a night of mind-blowing sex with them? With their tattoos, muscles, and the fact that there’s two. Besides, I’m getting the hell out of Vegas as soon as I’m done with college in a few weeks, so why not indulge until then? It felt good to forget the rules…until I woke up to find out they were my new stepbrothers.

It’s about to get complicated.

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