Rushing the Passer is available for pre-order

Much of my childhood revolved around football. My brother played in high school and during his junior year they won the state championship. Two of his teammates went on to play professional ball. I went to school with the sister of one of them and he visited our class one day. My mother has always been a big football fan. We scheduled Sunday dinner around halftime and the Super Bowl was a huge deal.

Of course, I also happen to live near the worst team in football. Not long ago I commented on the horribleness of the Cleveland Browns and one of my students very defensively informed me that they tied a game this season so they aren’t going to lose them all this year. Again. Oh yeah, last year there was a parade because the Browns lost every game all year. But we love them. I’m not much of a sports fan, but I have been known to venture out for lunch on Sunday about game time just to be part of the hubbub.

So I wrote a football romance. Sacked By the Quarterback. Because it was so fun I wrote another. Rushing the Passer, which is available today. I have ideas for 3 more as time allows. Grab this one today!



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