Video Friday: Baby Come Back

This song is such an earworm. I cannot read. It demands to be sung. But it was perfect for the book. Trent was such a jerk in the previous books. I have had people tell me that they won’t read this one because they don’t believe he can be redeemed. I promise, I put him through hell. I brought Wally and Sandy in to make sure Trent did not get off easy. Over the course of the previous three books in the series there had been a sea change in the band that Trent hadn’t noticed. Both Rick and Alan had matured a lot and he had lost Gian as his minion (actually was in the process of it during the timeline of this story.) So by the end, the jerk we love to hate had realized his behavior was terrible and needed to be fixed. Both he and Jenny were working on a healthier relationship. This book also allowed me to tie up the two series. In Satellite Of Love, Maureen encounters Jenny as her first encounter with groupies and by the end of this book they meet again, but I’m not telling the circumstances.






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