Trope: Flings

I still entertain this fantasy that someday, I’m going to go in vacation, fall in love with some hot, exotic man and he’s going to reciprocate so hard that after I leave he feels he must follow me home (because I want that HEA.) This despite experience to the contrary.

I’ve traveled. A lot. I had to have pages added to one of my passports. I’ve traveled with friends, with family, with my ex-husband (when we were married), and by myself. This last freaks my mother out every time it occurs to her. “I can’t believe you went to Venice alone!” Went to Venice, got lost, had a lovely conversation with a woman about Pasta Puttanesca despite the fact that she spoke no English and I speak no Italian, hung out with two Chinese girls who were traveling on a break from college in England, walked about 400 miles. All by myself. Did not meet a single eligible man. Pretty much the same thing happened when I went to Kuala Lumpur alone. I wandered the city (didn’t get lost thanks to directions from a cop and a trio of Muslim girls on their way back to their office after noon prayers.) I ate a lot of crazy food, and some very familiar food. (Christmas Eve dinner was Subway.) I visited a Borders Books in one of the largest malls in the world, because what else would be on my must see list? I also went to a market my friend insisted I had to visit because it was so amazing. It reminded me a lot of the flea market a few miles from home.

When I went to the Maldives one of the guys who worked at the resort started hitting on my friend. His name was Omar and he managed the restaurants on the tiny island we were staying on. Muscular, bald, warm voice, funny. I was so jealous. Until he conned her out of $5000 and disappeared. I’m still a little jealous up until the money part. She had a great vacation.

So I have to satisfy my craving for a fling by writing my own. I’ve done a couple. Victim Of Love originated with me daydreaming on a beach in the Philippines. Filipinos are darling.

I really need to write another fling story. In the meantime, Victim Of Love is free on Amazon until 1/12, so grab a fling of your own while it’s available.

Victim Of Love on Amazon


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