What I’m Watching: Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The Disappearing Game

The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries - 3 Film Collection Two (Last Scene Alive/Reap What You Sew/The Disappearing Game)I am a sucker for Hallmark movies and these mystery series are so fun. My favorite is either the Garage Sale Mysteries or Murder She Baked, but Ro is rapidly winning my heart. Ro, short for Aurora, is a librarian who belongs to a club that likes to talk about historical murders—and she bumps into a lot of dead bodies.

In The Disappearing Game Ro’s nephew and his roommate disappear and Ro searches for him. The geek moment in this one came when Ro’s best friend Sally had a scene with the roommate’s mother. Why was this so geekworthy? Sally is played by Lexa Doig who played Dr. Lam on Stargate SG-1. The roommate’s mother was played by Teryl Rothery who played Dr. Janet Frasier on Stargate SG-1. Not only were the both on Stargate, one replaced the other as base doctor. EEEEEEE!

However, I have tried to watch this movie twice and managed to fall asleep for the resolution of the mystery. Seriously, I have fallen asleep for the exact same 5 minutes both times. How does that even happen? It’s not that it’s not a great story and very engaging, I just tend to be watching at nearly bedtime and nod off. Arg!

I guess I’ll have to watch it again.



2 thoughts on “What I’m Watching: Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The Disappearing Game

    • The one of those that I’ve liked the best so far is the one about the dress. I can’t remember what the title was, but I loved them figureing out who that dress belonged to and solving the mystery. Plus, her husband is hot!

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