Recovery Romance

There’s a very special place in my heart for AA. I have known a lot of people who belong and it saved their lives. I also live three blocks from AA founder, Dr. Bob’s house, but that was an accident. However, every time I see people visiting the house, it makes me a little misty because I know it was hard work for them to beat their addiction and I honestly don’t know if I would have the strength. Based on my relationship with chocolate, my odds are not good.

This was also my first chance to really dig into a story about recovery. Kensington was not keen on the idea of recovery romance at the time. To be fair, I was not keen on Kensington at the time either. Not after the complete boondoggle they had made of my Drawn To the Rhythm releases. (My loss is your gain though. They have all of those novels priced at bargain basement prices.)

Back to recovery romance. One of the things that happens in that people in recovery have problems with relationships. They need help, but they are surrounded by broken people and people who remind them of their addiction so frequently the relationships they have early in recovery don’t survive. Angie had suffered through a bunch of those and assumed this was another so she might as well take the paycheck. But it wasn’t. Alan was further along.

And then there’s Alan’s parents who were—ill-equiped, shall we say, to handle their son’s fame, addiction, or children. This is the second book in the series and the complete set is only on sale during the pre-order period. Release day it goes back to full price, so don’t dally.


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