What I’m Watching Wednesday: Sabrina (1995)

Sabrina (1995)I’ve watched the original. I think this one is better. In the original, Sabrina was a hopeless wet rag who tries to kill herself because she can’t have the man she pines for. In the remake, Sabrina is depressed that she can’t have the man she wants so she goes to Paris and remakes herself. Much better.

Plus, Harrison Ford is in it at his peak.

This was Jenny’s favorite movie in Baby Come Back and it fits perfectly.

Sabrina went away and remade herself, but came back still pining for the wrong guy.

Jenny was dumped, but remade herself and continued to pine for the wrong guy. (And Wally is RIGHT THERE, too. But Wally needed to hang on for Flora in Celebrating Flora.)

The wrong guy tries to woo Sabrina for the wrong reasons and realizes he needs to be wooing her for the right ones just before it’s too late.

The wrong guy tried to bully Jenny back into his life, but realizes he needs to change for her just before it’s too late.

See, it all works out. Watch the movie and read the book and tell me it doesn’t.

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