The Rock And Roll State Of Mind Boxed Set is Here!

SendDown is one of the biggest bands in the world, but the four men are broken.

Tired of bickering, Rick wanders away from recording looking for a good time only to find Tara who just wanted to warm up on the beach, but Rick offered something so much hotter.

Angie needed a job, which was the only reason she agreed to pretend to be Alan’s girlfriend to keep him on the wagon for the tour so he can get his kids back. All was going according to plan until she fell in love.

Gian could not believe when the new wardrobe woman didn’t want anything to do with him. He kept after her until he got what he wanted. But by that time he wanted forever.

Jenny loved Trent, but he was a controlling—jerk. Now that she has a daughter, she needs to be stronger for her child. Trent is going to have to learn to be Mr. Nice Guy if he wants Jenny and his daughter in his life. And everybody is betting against him.


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