Halliburton Luggage

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I ran across Halliburton luggage in Lorelei Shellist’s excellent book, Runway Runaway. For a time, possibly up until now, Halliburton was the very top of the line rockstar luggage. Damn near indestructible and super light, what more could your roadworn rockstar ask for? Well, I assumed Brett (who loaned one of his cases to Suzi during her flight from Logan) would ask for stickers. Lots of stickers. A man has to make his mark on his stuff, doesn’t he? How else is he going to spot his among all the other nearly identical cases on the road?

Back when I lived in the land of labels, I saw a Halliburton case circling a luggage carousel. The elegant design really does stand out in the sea of battered suitcases, always looking like something straight off the sales floor. On a shopping trip I priced one case, once. I figured I was earning pretty good money and I travel quite a bit. Not rockstar level, but a lot. Then I looked at the price, got over myself and got a set that was a little more in my range.

But a girl can dream, right?
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